Our journey began on a 100 litre pilot kit in the corner of an old farm building set in the Dorset countryside in 2018, with the initial desire to create traditional style cask ales for the local area. After perfecting our recipe and using our endless supply of new friends as guinea pigs, we decided it was time to take the plunge and purchase our first commercial set up.

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Perfect beers for hopheads and discovery drinkers alike.

Remedy Oak Brewing Co was born from a passion for beer. We only use the finest English malt and hops in our traditional ales, this has resulted in creating an easy going beer that is sure to impress.




Capturing the essence of 
smooth perfection fit for the king.





Why 1552 you may ask?

In 1552 King Edward VI visited the site of the brewery and sat beneath the Remedy Oak tree and touched for the King’s Evil’. ‘Touching for the King’s Evil’ was once a common practice of magic medicine. The King’s Evil was scrofula, or scurvy, which was supposedly cured if the victim was touched by the reigning monarch.

The King lightly touched the sufferer on the face while a chaplain read a verse from St. Mark:  ‘They shall lay hans on the sick and they recover.’

‘They shall lay hands on the sick and they recover.’

Why not enjoy 1552 beer with friends? Complement it with a meal or simply enjoy at the end of a hard days work.